Selected Publications of Timothy A. Cohn

Journal Publications

Cohn, T. A., H. F. Lins, "Nature's Style: Naturally Trendy" Geophysical Research Letters, 32, L23402, doi:10.1029/2005GL024476, 5 pp., 2005.

Cohn, T. A., "Estimating Contaminant Loads in Rivers: An Application of Adjusted Maximum Likelihood to Type I Censored Data," Water Resources Research 41(8), 13 pp., 2005.

Griffis, V. W., J. R. Stedinger, T. A. Cohn, "LP3 Quantile Estimators with Regional Skew Information and Low Outlier Adjustments," Water Resources Research 40(10), 2004.

Cohn, T. A., "The Uneasy Courtship of Science and Politics," Eos, 83(49), 3 December 2002. (Reprinted in Water Resources IMPACT, 5(2), pp. 28-29, March 2003.)

Cohn, T., W. L. Lane and J. R. Stedinger, "Confidence Intervals for EMA Flood Quantile Estimates," Water Resources Research, 37(8), 2001.

Cohn, T., W. L. Lane and W. G. Baier, "An Algorithm for Computing Moments-Based Flood Estimates when Historical Flood Information is Available," Water Resources Research, 33(9), pp. 2089-2096, 1997.

Holland, D.M., Simmons, C., Smith, L., Cohn, T., Baier, G., Lynch, J., Grimm, J., Oehlert, G., and Lindberg, S., "Long-term trends in NADP/NTN precipitation chemistry data: Results of different statistical analyses," Journal of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 85, 595-601, 1995.

Cohn, T., D. L. Caulder, E. J. Gilroy, L. D. Zynjuk, and R. M. Summers, "The Validity of a Simple Statistical Model for Estimating Fluvial Constituent Loads: An Empirical Study Involving Nutrient Loads Entering Chesapeake Bay," Water Resources Research, 28(9), pp. 2353-2364, 1992.

Gilroy, E. J., R. M. Hirsch, and T. A. Cohn, "Mean Square Error of Regression-Based Constituent Transport Estimates," Water Resources Research, 26(9), pp. 2069-2077, 1990.

Gilroy, E. J., W. H. Kirby, T. A. Cohn and G. Douglas Glysson, "Discussion of 'Uncertainty in Suspended Sediment Transport Curves' by McBean and Al-Nassri," Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 116(1), pp. 143-145, January, 1990.

Cohn, T. A., L. L. DeLong, E. J. Gilroy, R. M.. Hirsch, and D. K. Wells, "Estimating Constituent Loads," Water Resources Research, 25(5), pp. 937-942, 1989.

Helsel, D. H. and T. A. Cohn, "Estimation of Descriptive Statistics for Multiply-Censored Water-Quality Data," Water Resources Research, 24(12), pp. 1997-2004, 1988.

Cohn T., and J. R. Stedinger, "Use of Historical Flood Information in a Maximum Likelihood Framework," Journal of Hydrology, 96(1987) pp. 215-223, 1987.

Stedinger, J. R., and T. Cohn, "Flood Frequency Analysis with Historical and Paleoflood Information," Water Resources Research, 22(5), pp. 785-793, 1986.

Stedinger, J. R., D. Pei, and T. Cohn, "A Condensed Disaggregation Model for Incorporating Parameter Uncertainty into Monthly Reservoir Simulations," Water Resources Research 21(5), pp. 665-675, May, 1985.

Stedinger, J. R., D. Pei, and T. Cohn, "Systems Analysis," Journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation, 54(6), pp. 508-511, 1982.

Contributions to Books

Potter, K. W., D. O. Archibald, D. C. Boes, T. A. Cohn, S. R. Durrans, C. T. Haan, R. D. Jarrett, U. Lall, K. T. Redmond, J. R. Stedinger., "Improving American River Flood Frequency Analyses", National Research Council, 120 pp., 1999.

Cohn, T., "Recent Advances in Statistical Methods for the Estimation of Sediment and Nutrient Transport in Rivers," chapter 21 in Contributions in Hydrology, US National Report to the IUGG, pp. 1117-1124, 1995.

Hirsch, R. M., D. R. Helsel, T. A. Cohn, and E. J. Gilroy, "Statistical Treatment of Hydrological Data," Chapter 17 in The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Hydrology, D. R. Maidment (ed.), McGraw-Hill, New York, 1872 pp., 1993.

Stedinger, J.R., and T. A. Cohn, "Historical Flood-Frequency Data: Its Value and Use," in V. P. Singh (ed.), Regional Flood Frequency Analysis, pp. 273-286, D. Reidel, 1987.

Professional Reports

Hodgkins, G. A., Stewart, G. J., Cohn, T. A., Dudley, R. W., 2007, "Estimated Magnitudes and Recurrence Intervals of Peak Flows on the Mousam and Little Ossipee Rivers for the Flood of April 2007 in Southern Maine," OFR2007-1146 5 p., 2007.

Baier, W. G. and Cohn, T. A. "Trend Analysis of Sulfate, Nitrate and pH Data Collected at National Atmospheric Deposition Program/National Trends Network Stations Between 1980 and 1991," U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report No. 93-56, 12 pp., 1993.

Cohn, T. A., and W. G. Baier, "An Optimization Model for Selecting Training Course Locations, U.S. Geological Survey," U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report No. 93-123, 15 pp., 1993.

Buchberger, S., M. Clamen, A. Clites, T. A. Cohn, D. Fay, L. Herche, P. Keillor, G. Kite, D. Lee, G. Monds, K. Potter, and C. Southam, "Development of Improved Statistical Techniques," report to the International Joint Commission on the Great Lakes, 78 pp., 30 June, 1992.

Cohn, T. A. "Adjusted Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Moments of Lognormal Populations from Type I Censored Samples," U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report No. 88-350, 34 pp., 1988.

Cohn, T. A., "The Incorporation of Historical Information in Flood Frequency Analysis: A Report on Research Performed for the U.S. Geological Survey," U. S. Geological Survey, ER-90407, 1985.

Proceedings Articles

Hirsch, R. M., T. A. Cohn, and W. H. Kirby, "What Does the 1% Flood Standard Mean? Revisiting the 100-Year Flood," Report of the 2004 Assembly of the Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum National Academies Keck Center, Washington D.C., September 21-22, 2004, (in press), 2005. Files/2004_Forum_Report_Final_Color.pdf

Griffis, V. W., J. R. Stedinger, T. A. Cohn,  "Extension of EMA to Address Regional Skew and Low Outliers " ASCE World Water & Environmental Resources Congress 2003 & Related Symposia, Philadelphia, PA. (in press), 2004.

Lins, H. F. and T. A. Cohn, "Floods in the Greenhouse: Spinning the Right Tail," in V. R.Thorndycraft, G. Benito, M. Barriendos and M. C. Llasat, Palaeofloods, Historical Floods and Climatic Variability: Applications in Flood Risk Assessment (Proceedings of the PHEFRA Workshop, Barcelona, 16-19 October 2002), 2003.

Cohn, T. A., "Risk Management in an Uncertain World: A Perspective", Proceedings of Columbia University Roundtable on Risk, 12-13 April 2002.

Lane, W. L. and T. A. Cohn, "Expected Moments Algorithm for Flood Frequency Analysis," Proceedings of the North American Water and Environment Conference, Anaheim California, June 22-28, 1996.

Cohn, T., E. J. Gilroy and W. G. Baier, "Estimating Fluvial Transport of Trace Constituents Using a Regression Model with Data Subject to Censoring," pp. 142-151, Proceedings of the Joint Statistical Meeting, Boston, August 9-13, 1992.

Helsel, Dennis R., and T. Cohn, "Estimation of Descriptive Statistics for Multiply-Censored Environmental Data," Presented at Environmetrics 87, American Statistical Association, Washington, D.C., November 1987.

Unrefereed Articles, Books and Theses

Cohn, T. A., K. Gohn, and W. Hooke, "Living with Earth's Extremes: Lessons from PPP2000," IBHS, Tampa, pp. 126, 2001.

Cohn, T. A. and K. Gohn, "A Fresh Look at Natural Disasters," Geotimes,45(4), 4 pp. , 2000.

Cohn, T. A., "Natural Hazards: Minimizing the Effects", USGS Fact Sheet 93-99, 2 pp., 1999.

Cohn, T. A. and K. Gohn, eds., "Reducing Losses from Natural Disasters: Progress and Challenges: The U.S. National Report," United Nations International Decade for Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) Programme Forum, Geneva, 5-9 July, 1999.

Cohn, T. A. and K. Gohn, "PPP 2000 -- A New Approach to Dealing with Disasters," Geotimes, 43(9), pp. , 1998.

Cohn, T. A., "Methods for Estimating Constituent Loads in Rivers," EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 71(20), p. 711, 1990.

Cohn, T. A., "Flood Frequency Analyses with Historical Flood Information," PhD Thesis, Cornell University, 144 pp. 1986.

Cohn, T., "The Incorporation of Historical Information in Flood Frequency Analysis," MS Thesis, Cornell University, 79 pp., 1984.

Cohn, T. A., "CSC User's Guide," IBM Cambridge Scientific Center, 71 pp., 1978

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