Estimator 2002

A Beta Release by Tim Cohn

30 January 2002

Updated 04 June 2002


What's New?

New Format for Discharge Data

The "new" format for the input discharge ("Q") file is fairly flexible, and depends only on there being readable tokens in the line:

For example:

#  This is a comment line
01646500  10/25/1969      1720.000
01646500  10/26/1969      1660.000
01646500  10/27/1969      1580.000
# This is another comment line
01646500  10/28/1969      1570.000
01646500  10/29/1969      1700.000

However, note that dates must be expressed as "mm/dd/yyyy" or "mm/dd/yy", where the "mm", and "dd" and "yy" must be two-digit integer like "02", not just "2" or " 2".  To repeat, dates like "2/26/57" will be rejected (the correct form is "02/26/57", or to avoid Y2K problems, "02/26/1957")..

Lines beginning with a "#" are ignored.  It should also be noted that units are assumed to be cubic feet per second.  Furthermore, the surface water data must be continuous with one observation (possibly 0) for each day.  Do not leave gaps in the record.

New Format for Water Quality Data

The "new" input format for concentration data is:

   Station_id     Date    Tim  Concentration

#  Start of the record
01646500  03/23/1980  1230          0.050000
01646500  03/23/1980  1450          0.060000
01646500  03/24/1980  1230 <        0.010000
01646500  04/01/1980  1430          0.020000
01646500  04/02/1980  1100          0.030000
01646500  04/02/1980  1300          -99.0000
01646500  04/03/1980  0930 <        0.010000
01646500  04/16/1980  1030          0.020000

Note that "less-than" values are identified by a "<" symbol preceding the concentration.  The units for concentrations are assumed to be milligrams/liter].

New Software:

New Version (as of June 2002) of Estimator and Test Case Examples (click below for .zip version)

Complete Set of Estimator2002 for Windows 95/98 (.zip file, 230K)

This is a .zip archive that will expand into 10 files, including the Estimator2002 application, "run" files and data files that illustrate both the old and new formats.

Individual Files

For download or viewing on screen; note that file extensions may need to be adjusted if you try to run the example cases after saving the files from a browser.

New Input Data and Runfile Example

Q File
QW File
Test Runfile

Old Format Files

Test Runfile
Q File: Old Format
QW File: Old Command File (needed with the following)
QW File:  Old Format

Sample Estimator Output

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